Flanged-Ball-Valve PN 16, Detectable, with scale


Flanged-ball-valve with a two-piece casing box and full bore – with floating ball.

Casing box made of cast steel GS C25,
Ball made of special steel 1.4027,
Ball seats and stem sealing: PTFE + 25 % part of glass fibre
Flange fitting dimensions according to DIN 2501,
Raised and flat face according to DIN 2526, Form C
Length of construction according to DIN 3202
Certification according to: DGRL 97/23/EG / TA Luft 2001 / DIN DVGW
Test certificates: 3.1B (DIN 3230 - Part 5)

In order to protect the ideal aperture angle against unintentional adjustment after the starting of the ball valve, there are 10 fixing bores on the indicating dial, divided to a regulating distance of 90°. When setting in the locking screw in one of these fixing bores, the ball valve will be protected against unintended adjustment. Before doing maintenance work, the selected adjustment can be read on the scale and enables later on to find the last selected position. At the ball valve itself no regular maintenance work necessary. It is recommended to activate ball valves, which remain permanently in one position, at least once or twice per year.





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